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● ● ●   Please review CORBA PV Trail Etiquette before riding  ● ● ●

Trail Patrol Volunteers Needed
Rancho Palos Verdes will soon create a Volunteer Trail Patrol program. CORBA PV has recommended the formation of a trail patrol for many years. It will be similar to volunteer patrols from other open space agencies including the Santa Monica Mountains based Mountain Bike Unit. The MBU was founded by CORBA in 1988 and now works under the National Park Service, the California State Parks, and the Santa Monica Mountains MRCA (Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority).

Volunteer Trail Patrol members will assist the MRCA rangers by regularly patrolling the Palos Verdes Nature Preserve on foot, by horse or by bicycle. The goal is to educate and assist trail users, report safety hazards, maintenance needs, and regulation infractions. Volunteer Trail Patrol members will not be able to issue citations or make arrests.

It is important to have members from all three user groups on the patrol. Peer to peer communication is the most effective way to education trail users and minimize user conflicts concerns. For years CORBA PV has called on the city to collect factual on-trail information instead of relying on anecdotal comments at public meetings. Your participation will help collect accurate information and lead to impartial decisions by the city council.

The program is yet to be finalized but volunteers will undergo training and commit to four hours per month. Those who are interested can contact Barb Ailor at

Trail Etiquette
Revised 2013

Yield To All Others

Stop for horses. Everyone move to the downhill side of the trail.
Horses are easily frightened, so ask the rider what to do!
Don't make noise from behind a horse. Wait to restart.
Slow or stop for hikers. Ask if it's okay to pass.

Stay On Trails Designated For Bikes

  Trails open to bikes are clearly posted.
  Not all trails are open to bikes. Violators may be cited.
  If there is no sign, the trail is closed to all users.

Obey All Reserve Rules

  You are responsible for knowing preserve regulations.
  Encourage other cyclists to ride responsibly and obey the rules.
  Remember, all cyclists will be judged by your actions!
  Rangers have full enforcement authority. 

Never Make New Trails Or Modify Trails

Ride only on approved trails.
This is a nature reserve, uphold our obligation to protect it.
Destruction of habitat will not be tolerated.

Passing Others

Never speed past anyone - not even on wide fire roads.
If you can't see far ahead, slow down, anticipate.
Ring your bell well before approaching hikers.
Horses respond better to voices. Ask permission to pass.
Make the trail experience enjoyable for everyone.

Leave No Trace

Never ride muddy trails - Rules for riding after a rain
Pick up trash, yours and others’.

We Set The Example

Earn the right to ride here.
Use friendly communication to promote good will. 
Volunteer for trail work. Help maintain the trails we ride.